About Us

eKupon.pro is a new website belonging to Divergent Ltd, a new start up in the world of coupons, based in Varna,  in the Republic of Bulgaria. We offer solutions for discount codes worldwide in several countries.

We started our business in Italy, in 2009. Our first website used an obsolete technology, CouponPress/Clipper that made us aware of the need to have our platform to provide coupon codes to our customers, everywhere in the world.

Our script, using a valid and not vulnerable php language is our point of strenght. We offer to our customers in many countries the same fast service: update and new coupon codes for all webstores.

Which is our technology? It is called 1bargainworld script, a php platform that is very fast to find in the search engines. Our powerful and solid script is really loved by our customers. They use to find us everywhere in the world using the most famous search engines as google.com or bing.com

How to find coupon codes worldwide? We are active in ten countries in the world. We count to release our websited in 30 countries in the world before the end of 2018. Our start up plan is based on the knowledge that we use the best and more flexible technology in the world of coupon.

What is a coupon code? The coupon code, also known as voucher code, promotional code, or discount code is a set of letters and numbers that can be used only in the internet websites. Through the coupon codes you can save money on your online purchase.

Why should i use a coupon code? To buy online saving money. Think of this. Why should you buy a product with a full price, when you can easily save money with a little discount? That’s our answer to your question.

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