New website for coupon codes in Czech Republic

Varna, 18th of May 2017

From the month of May 2017 Divergent Ltd is offering free coupon codes in the Czech Market.

The new project -or adventure as you prefer – is named and it is added to our selection of websites belonging to the Eastern European market. is a new website that offers the latest coupon codes for the best Czech Webstores such as Zoot.Cz,, Kasa.Cz and Tchibo.Cz.

We love Eastern Europe! Czech Republic is really a growing up market in the e-commerce field. With Poland and Romania e-commerce in Czech Republic is going through an exponential growth. After 2 years of experience in this field we noticed that in the Eastern Europe buying online is becoming more and more usual for internet customers. On the other hand they are always looking for bargains, in this case the promo code change its name in  “slevový kód“.

We will continue in the next 30 years to help internet users to save money on online purchases! Also in Czech Republic from today 🙂

Děkuji vám!

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